Start a new Sync Request

To learn how to submit custom arrangement requests, please look here instead.

Important Note: Only 'Director' and 'Producer' account types may submit sync requests.

First, click the blue ‘Request New Sync Licenses’ button from your account's home screen.

  • Tip: If you're not logged in, click here to go directly to the account login page.

Then, select the type of video you're creating

  • Choose Download if your video will be available for download

  • Choose DVD if you’re making physical copies of your video

  • If you’d like to make your video available for streaming, please email us at or use the Tresóna Support widget at the bottom of this page

Pick compositions

Each sync request should include all of the compositions on your video. This process is different from custom arrangement requests, where you may need to split one performance into several requests.

  • Example: If your performance video includes one medley of four compositions, and three other stand-alone compositions, you would create one request for all seven compositions in your video.

Start adding your first composition by searching for it using the available search fields.

  • Tip: try searching for your composition a few different ways. For example, if you have trouble finding your song in our database, try searching by just the composer’s full or last name.

To add a composition from our search results, click the round ‘+’ to the left of the title column.

If your search has no results, click the blue ‘Add Composition’ button below the search fields.

  • Tip: In addition to entering the title, please enter the composer or artist to get a faster response.

After you’ve added your first composition, enter the title of your video, select the performing ensemble featured in the video, and enter the download / DVD units that you’d like to license.

  • Tip: The information you fill out for this first composition will then automatically populate for each additional composition you add to your sync request.

  • Tip: You can only create a sync request for an ensemble with which you’re associated in our system. To associate your account with an additional ensemble, go to your ‘Profile’ page via the link in the navigation bar, then expand the ‘Affiliated Organizations and Ensembles’ section, then hit the ‘Join Organization/Ensemble’ button at the bottom of the list.

Now that you’ve added your first composition and related information, you can add any additional compositions that will appear in your video.

  • Tip: The pricing information next to each composition in your request is an estimate. Once we receive publisher approval for your request, we will give you a finalized price - at which point you can decide whether or not you want to continue the licensing process. Requests are always free to submit and free to cancel.

Once you’re done adding all compositions to your sync request, read through the ‘Sync License Agreement’ and certify acknowledgement of the terms by checking the box below the agreement.


The ensemble linked to each composition will automatically be set as the payee for that composition.

You’re done!

Hit ‘Save’ at the bottom of the page to submit your request. Now you can click on the ‘licenses’ button in the navigation bar at the top of the request page to go back to your list of requested licenses.