In almost all cases, we reach out to publishers for approval within one business day of your request. However, requests can take up to eight weeks to wind through the approval chain, for a variety of reasons:

  • Multiple publishers may jointly own the composition you requested, which means we may need to get approval from multiple parties.
  • Publishers may need to get approval from the relevant composers, artists, and agents.
  • Songs that are less than a few months old may not have ownership and publishing information available.
  • The publisher of a composition may require additional paperwork or information before issuing a license. Similarly, they could reside in another country or be otherwise inaccessible.

If we need additional information to process your request, we’ll be sure to reach out to you directly.

How much longer will my request take?

It's common to see a 'pending' status on your compositions for upwards of a month, and usually just means that there is a long approval chain necessary to clear those compositions. However, if your request is still pending a month after being submitted, you can reach out to our licensing team using the support widget and we'll give you an update of how much longer we think your request will take.