Directors, arrangers, and producers:

  1. Click on ‘Create an Account’ from the navigation bar near the top right of the home page.

  2. Fill out the top of the short form with your contact details.

  3. If you’ve selected ‘director’ as your role, you’ll have to tell us which ensemble you direct and what organization the ensemble belongs to. You’ll get a chance to enter any other ensembles you direct later.

    • Example: If you are the Marching Band Director at ‘ABC High School,’ you would enter ‘ABC High School’ as your organization and ‘Marching Band’ as your ensemble.

    • For ‘ensemble size,’ only enter the total number of performers who will require sheet music.

    • If the organization search comes up with no results, you’ll have to set your school up in our system before you can set up your ensemble. Follow the prompts to enter the necessary info.

  4. Once you’ve set up your organization and ensemble, click ‘Continue’ at the bottom of the page to finish the signup process.

    • Note: If you see a red error bar telling you that your ensemble already has an active director, please contact us to change ensemble directors.

 Now that you've created your account, find out how to submit licensing requests.

Music publishers and catalog administrators:

We'd be happy to set you up in the Exchange and show you the ropes. The Exchange is free to set up and free to use for publishers and catalog administrators. Please contact our licensing team using the support widget.