Licenses issued by Tresóna for the creation of a custom arrangement and of sheet music that contains the arrangement, whether in digital or physical form, which includes the right to print out a copy for each member of the licensed ensemble, are only issued after the following for steps have occured.  This passage is copied from our EULA, which each arranger and director must agree to before obtaining an account with Tresóna.

From the EULA:

In the case of Arrangement Licenses and DDVRs, these licenses will perfect after the following four steps have taken place:

a) when the arranger has signed the work for hire agreement digitally through the license exchange, and

b) when payment for the license has been received by Tresóna, and

c) when the arrangement (the score and parts) are uploaded into the Licensing Exchange as a PDF, and

d) when the arrangement has been downloaded by the ensemble director.

If steps a through d are not completed for the issuance of an Arrangement License or DDVR, there is no valid license granted by Tresóna.