Tresóna is responsible for paying out licensing royalties on a pro rata basis to all publishers and co-publishers for all compositions licensed. Tresóna certifies to its publishers and to its ensembles and arrangers that all music it disseminates and all licenses it issues are copyright compliant. This requires that Tresóna confirm that the licenses it issues meet the publisher standards for validity. We do not have the ability to determine whether a license issued from a third party that is presented to us is valid or valid for use with a medley, nor do we have the ability to know whether or not all of the publishers have been paid out pro rata. If a mistake was made, and Tresóna had accidentally disseminated material that was not properly licensed, Tresóna could be liable for damages.

Therefore, for each medley we license, we must license all of the individual compositions involved in that medley (request) together, or we cannot license any of the songs in the medley at all.