Please note that you can't pay for a composition until it's been approved by the publisher

When each composition is approved, an automated approval confirmation email will be sent to the email address listed on your account. In this email, you'll find a link to login to Tresóna.

Once you're logged into the Tresóna system, find the composition in your list of requests. You should see 'Pay Now' and 'Print Invoice' links in the request's 'Action Required' column.

Pay with a credit card

Click on the 'Pay Now' link in the 'Action Required' column and then check the box next to all of the compositions that you want to pay for with this transaction.

Next, select or add a credit card at the bottom of the screen, type in your Security Code, and hit 'Process Payment.'

Pay with a check

Click on the 'Print Invoice' link in the 'Action Required' column to view a request's invoice. 

Please note that only approved compositions in the request will show on your invoice. All approved compositions from the same request will automatically add themselves to that request's invoice.

From the invoice, you can see the current amount due by looking at the 'Total Due By Check' field at the bottom of the invoice. 

Please send checks to Tresóna's full processing address, which is listed at the top of each invoice:

Tresóna Multimedia LLC
7349 N. Via Paseo Del Sur
Suite 515, Box 477
Scottsdale, AZ 85258-3749

How to avoid check processing delays

To avoid issues with your check processing, please ensure that you check off each of these items when sending a check:

  • Use Tresóna's full address, including suite and box numbers
  • Include a copy of the invoice(s) or a list of invoice numbers that are being paid
  • Double check to make sure that you're paying the correct amount, and that you're paying the 'Total Due By Check' field
  • Include the 'Bill To' name listed on your invoice with your check to ensure that your payment is applied to the correct organization & ensemble

If any of the above items is omitted from your check payment, we may not be able to correctly apply your payment and our accounting team will have to return your check.

Using Purchase Orders (POs)

Due to agreements with our publishers, Tresóna cannot accept POs as proof of payment. You may generate them and send them to Tresóna per your organization's policies, but please understand that we cannot accept them as payment.

W-9, vendor registration, and other forms

You can find Tresóna's EIN on any invoice, printed under the address. This should be sufficient in place of most W9 requests. However, if your organization requires a copy of our full W9, vendor registration with your district, or other forms, please reach out to our accounting team through the support widget at the bottom right of the page and we'll be happy to help.

Why did my price go up after I paid for a composition?

The total price of a composition within a request is based on two factors: the price of the composition itself, and the price of the other compositions within the request.

When you pay for a composition, there may be other compositions in your request that are not yet approved. As publishers approve those other compositions and update the associated prices, the price of the composition that you already paid will update as well.

We do our best to ensure that prices are set accurately across all compositions in a request from the beginning, but ultimately each publisher is free to change its prices based on the nature of its composition's use or any other factors that the publisher deems important.

As a result, in rare cases you may have to pay for a composition more than once - initially for the base price of the composition, and then again once the composition's price is adjusted to reflect the price of the other compositions in your request.