Start a new Custom Arrangement Request

To learn how to submit sync requests, please look here instead.

First, click the blue ‘Request New Arrangements’ button from your account's home screen.

  • If you're not logged in, click here to go directly to the account login page.

Then, select the ensemble that will use this license (licenses are granted at the ensemble level).

Pick compositions

Each Custom Arrangement request should contain only one song (or one medley, if you are arranging a medley). Let’s take a look at a few examples of how this works.

  1. You are arranging three separate songs; each will be performed by itself, with a pause between each performance:
    • Submit three license requests, one for each song

  2. You are arranging three songs; two will be played in sequence without a pause or break:
    • Submit two license requests, one with two compositions and the other with the stand-alone composition

  3. You are arranging three songs; all three will be used in a medley:
    • Submit one license request, with all three compositions listed separately on the request

To help you decide if you’re arranging a medley, take a look at the ‘Creating a Medley’ section in our What is a Custom Arrangement License article.

Now that you’ve decided how many compositions to include in your request, start adding your first composition by searching for it using the available search fields.

  • Tip: try searching for your composition a few different ways. For example, if you have trouble finding your song in our database, try searching by just the composer’s full or last name.

To add a composition from our search results, click the round ‘+’ to the left of the title column.

  • Tip: Once you add a composition to your request, we may give you a no-commitment price quote. You can also see the song’s approval status by comparing its color to the color legend on the top right of the request page. Price quotes aren’t always available.

If your search has no results, click the blue ‘Add Composition’ button below the search fields.

  • Tip: In addition to entering the title, please enter the composer or artist to get a faster response.

After you’ve added your first composition, follow the medley instructions under the composition list to either add more songs to your medley, or advance to the next step.

[Directors] Select an arranger

If you have a director account, you’ll need to select the arranger of the composition. If you can’t find your arranger using the search, you’ll need to click on the blue ‘Add/Invite User’ button to invite them to Tresóna.

  • Note: While you can submit a request before your arranger makes an account, they must take actions in their Tresóna account before we can issue your license.

[Arrangers] Select an ensemble

If you have an arranger account, you’ll need to select the ensemble that will use your arrangement.

  • Note: As each license is tied to a specific ensemble, each ensemble using your arrangement will need its own license, even if the arrangement is the same.

If the ensemble isn’t in our system, you’ll need to follow the prompts to add it.

Set up bill-to information

Next, you must select the license payee. You have the choice to bill the license to the organization, the director, or the arranger.

  • Note: There is no obligation to pay when you submit a request. If you don’t like the license terms or price once your license is approved (pending payment), you can reach out to us to cancel your request at no charge.

Enter a rehearsal date

Lastly, you’ll need to enter your rehearsal date. This should be your ensemble’s first rehearsal date of the material, or when you expect to distribute the sheet music to your ensemble (whichever comes first).

While not required, the notes field is a great way to let us know of any special information about your request. For example, if you intend to change lyrics, or only intend to use the piece for two months, please let us know in the notes!

You’re done!

Now you can click on the ‘licenses’ button in the navigation bar at the top of the request page to go back to your list of licenses.