Tresóna's Licensing Exchange is designed to be used by music publishers, ensemble staff members, and music arrangers directly. Tresóna has made substantial technological advancements that provide DRM protection for rights holders, arrangers, and the ensembles requesting licenses, and there is no way for Tresóna to be able to fulfill its obligations to the publishers and rights holders that it serves without having the arrangers who are creating the arrangements and the staff member from the music organization digitally executing the work for hire agreements and various restriction acknowledgements. Therefore, Tresóna does not work with third party licensing agencies, and they may not use the License Exchange on behalf of their clients.

Interjecting third party agents into the process for executing these documents on behalf of some of the ensembles and arrangers also adds considerable administrative cost in issuing the licenses, reduces the reliability and speed of the system, and increases the overall costs of the licenses for everyone. Tresóna has worked hard to simplify the licensing process for ensembles, arrangers and the publishers, has increased the transparency and speed of the licensing process for everyone, and has added tracking tools to help ensure everyone knows whether their music has a valid license.

The benefit of the automation behind the License Exchange is that the cost of obtaining music licenses has been reduced by more than 40% since the the License Exchange opened for business. There are no up-front fees, no cancellation fees, and there is complete transparency between the licensees and music publishers.