A master use license grants permission to use someone else's recording in your video.

  • Example: A color guard team wants to make a video of their performance, in which they performed to a recording of a Coldplay song.
  • Example: A performing ensemble used a sample of some other ensemble or band’s recording in their performance, and made CDs of their performance.

These licenses are generally controlled by record labels. Tresóna cannot issue master use licenses through our Licensing Exchange - you must get permission from the copyright owners directly.

In addition to obtaining a master use license for your project, you will also need to obtain a sync license for your video. While a master use license gives you permission to use the specific recording of the song you've chosen, the sync license gives you permission to use the underlying composition.

  • Example: Using the color guard example above, two licenses would be needed
    • A sync license from the copyright owner of the composition (likely the writers and their publisher)
    • A master use license from the copyright owner of Coldplay's recording of the song (likely a record label)