A sync license (short for 'synchronization license') is the permission to synchronize a moving image to music - i.e., the permission to record a video. The owner of the music (typically the publisher) used or performed in the video has the right to grant this permission. Publishers typically charge for this permission. Here are a few of the reasons you might need a sync license:

  1. You want to sell or give away DVDs of a marching band performance, or of a Winter Guard ensemble performing to a recording
  2. You want to make a 'director's copy' or 'archival' DVD of your ensemble's performance for future reference
  3. You want to offer downloads or on-demand streaming of past performances (e.g., through YouTube) 
    • Note: Live streaming is typically considered a public performance and must be licensed through Performing Rights Organizations such as ASCAP and BMI.

Ready to submit a sync request through the Exchange? Here's a how-to.