The term "sheet music" means the phsyical or digital representation of music notation.

A work for hire agreement (as it relates to the arranger of a copyrighted piece of music defined in the United States Copyright Act of 1976) is an agreement that indicates that the arranger who is creating sheet music of an arrangement of a musical composition under copyright protection is agreeing that the arranger will have no ownership position or claim in the finished arrangement embodied in the sheet music, in the sheet music itself, or any ownership rights in the underlying copyright of the c beoposition being arranged.

This specifically means that the new arrangement and the sheet music embodying the new arrangement is the property of the rights holder(s) or publishers. The arranger may not distribute the arrangement or sheet music embodying the arrangement to any other ensemble other than the ensemble that was issued the custom arrangement license without the permission of the publisher or rights holder.

A work for hire agreement is a standard agreement in the music publishing industry and is required for all custom arrangement licenses processed through the Tresóna Exchange. The arranger linked to each request is responsible for signing this agreement.